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Winning story from “Saved My Ass” Survey

W“While riding to meet up with other Harley buddies, I noticed a young girl moving from side to side in her lane. When I got closer I noticed she was texting someone and did not realize she was starting to move into my lane (we were traveling at 80 MPH). I first applied my stock horn with NO luck as she was also listening to very loud wasn’t until she heard my BANSHEE that she pull her car back in her lane by missing my Bike by inches......Thank you Screaming Banshee for saving my life!”                              -Jerry

Quotes from Happy Customers

Adam Terry

Mini Banshee Owner

“…when I realized he didn't see me I lit him up with the Banshee, he sure did hear me, his car lurched to the left back to the center lane. He didn't know what was about to run him over but he knew he hadn't looked.”

John Wilson

Shockwave Owner

“A quick blast on the Screaming Banshee horn with its accompanying headlight flashing has served to wake up many an inattentive driver, saving my butt more times than I would like to remember.”

Steve Culver

Mini Banshee Owner

“A blast for a few seconds, got the driver’s attention right away, the pulsing headlight showed the driver of the car where the "blast" was coming from and stopped him before cutting in front of me.”

Eric Carmen

Shockwave Owner

“Can't count the times my Banshee has "woke up" a cager! The combination of pulsing lights and horn gets their attention and saves me from evasive actions, or worse.”

Mark Hopkins

Mini Banshee Owner

“The Screaming Banshee horn system is brilliant. The combination of having the ability to give a friendly beep or all the guns is exactly what we need.”

Mike Simmons

Shockwave Owner

“Saved me from 3 accidents already, 2 pulled out in front of me, another almost had a head on!”

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