The Best Engineered Loud Motorcycle Horns

Mini Banshee Motorcycle Horns

Why You Need This Horn:

  • 126 Decibels loud - Louder than OEM horns
  • The mini fits on all size motorcycles
  • The mini fits easily under cruiser OEM covers
  • 2 year warranty with online registration

The Screaming Banshee is the loudest and best engineered motorcycle horn you can buy, in fact it's much more than a loud horn – it's a proven safety system that has helped thousands of motorcyclists be heard and seen when it matters most - saving lives in the process. Thousands of motorcyclists around the world rely on Screaming Banshee horns every day.

Screaming Banshee Shockwave Horn

Loudest Motorcycle Air Horn (132+ decibels)

The Screaming Banshee's 132+ decibel blast can be heard from up to 3 blocks away! Combined with our integrated flashing high beam feature helps assure you are heard and seen.


The Banshee Visual Alert System (BVAS) is a state of the art option for your horn. The BVAS works as a flashing highbeam light to alert distracted drivers.

Innovative Design

Screaming Banshee is easy to use with simple, intuitive operation. Simply tap your horn button to "beep" (Friendly mode) or hold for 0.15 sec to deliver a pulsating blast of the Shockwaves air horn while flashing the high beam headlights (Angry mode!).

Full One Year Warranty with Online Registration

Banshee Demo Video:

Banshee Sound Check Video:

The Bottom Line

  • 40% smaller than any other air horn
  • 30% lighter than any other air horn
  • 10-20% louder than any comparable air horn
  • Much easier to install than any other air horn
  • Unique dual volume (Friendly / Angry) modes
  • Unique head light flash function for best visibility
  • Built for motorcycles, not adapted from cars
  • Proven product from a brand you know and can trust

One of many testimonials:

"While riding to meet up with other Harley buddies, I noticed a young girl moving from side to side in her lane. When I got closer I noticed she was texting someone and did not realize she was starting to move into my lane (we were traveling at 70 MPH). I first applied my stock horn with NO luck as she was also listening to very loud wasn't until she heard my BANSHEE that she pull her car back in her lane by missing my Bike by inches......Thank you Screaming Banshee for saving my life!"

- Jerry, Miami, FL

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Disclaimer: Any and all references to safety and/or accident avoidance are solely based on testimonials or survey data from our customers. Screaming Banshee LLC does not make any claims about safety and/or accident avoidance properties of its products.