Banshee Horn

Price: $119.95
Quick overview:
The Banshee Horn with BVAS is the loudest and best engineered motorcycle horn you can buy. From our compact design and integrated flashing headlight feature, to our simple, one touch operation, the Banshee is the superior choice for safety* and ease of use.
Price: $119.95
Real customer testimonials:

“…an elderly couple in a small Mazda shot across the road in front of me to get on the other side of the road. I gave them a blast with my Screaming Banshee. I am certain without my Screaming Banshee, I would not be here today.”

“While riding….I noticed a young girl moving into my lane (we were traveling at 80 MPH)….she was also listening to very loud wasn’t until she heard my BANSHEE that she pulled her car back in her lane missing my bike by inches......Thank you Screaming Banshee for saving my life!.” Jerry


The Banshee's 132+ decibel blast can be heard from up to 3 blocks away! This combined with our integrated flashing high beam feature helps assure you are heard and seen. No other air horn installs this easy – no relays, extra wiring or connectors to buy. Just remove your stock horn, connect the Banshee Horn. Run a wire to a power supply and you're done! You can optionally connect to your High Beam too for added visual impact.

The Bottom Line

  • 40% smaller than any other air horn
  • 30% lighter than any other air horn
  • 20% louder than any comparable air horn
  • Much easier to install than any other air horn
  • Unique dual volume (Friendly / Angry) modes
  • Built for motorcycles, not adapted from cars
  • Unique head light flash function for best visibility
  • Proven product from a brand you know and can trust
  • Full 12 month no-hassle warranty

What’s in the box?

  1. Banshee Horn
  2. Wiring Harness
  3. Accessory pack containing all connectors, mounting bolt, etc
  4. Instruction card showing exactly how to do the installation
  5. Bonus FREE short mounting bracket!

Upsell products

(*) Any and all references to safety and/or accident avoidance are solely based on testimonials or survey data from our customers. Screaming Banshee LLC does not make any claims about safety and/or accident avoidance properties of its products.