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Posi-Lock Connector Kit

Price: $3.99

In stock

Quick overview:

The purpose of this kit is to make the installation process easier. This kit is not required to wire up your Banshee System.

The Posi-Lock design connects inline with an existing wire, and automatically punctures the connected wire when screwed together. This ensures a durable, long lasting connection to the wire. This kit is highly recommended for anyone trying to install a full system or horn by itself.

Price: $3.99


This kit is an add on to a Full System or Horn Only. With the Posi-Lock Connector Kit your installation will be easier and more professional. You don’t need to take it to a mechanic; you can do it yourself in minutes, not hours.

You don’t need any specialized tools or connectors either – we have solved all of that! Posi-Locks tap into the stock wiring and create a solid, long lasting connection without damaging the existing wires & no tools are needed!

The kit comes with
• 3 Posi-Tap 20-22 gage connectors
• 1 Posi-Tap 12-18 gage connector
• Instruction manual