The Loudest, Best Engineered & Easy To Use Safety Horn Money Can Buy

The Screaming Banshee is the loudest and best engineered compact safety horn you can buy. From our compact designs and integrated flashing headlight feature to our simple, one touch operation, Screaming Banshee air horns are the superior choice for safety and ease of use.

Superior Performance:

The Screaming Banshee’s 130+ decibel blast can be heard from up to 3 blocks away! Combined with our integrated flashing high beam feature, Screaming Banshee safety horns help assure you are heard and seen.

Superior Engineering:

Screaming Banshee is easy to use. Simply tap your horn button to "beep" (for friendly use) or hold for 0.15 sec to deliver a pulsating blast of the Banshee’s air horn with flashing high beam headlights. Simple, intuitive operation combined with our integrated flashing high beam feature and industry leading compact design makes Screaming Banshee one of the smartest choices in safety equipment you can buy.

Superior Value:

With multiple models to choose from at an amazingly affordable price, you can have the most well engineered, best performing motorcycle and car safety horn on the market. Don’t sacrifice your safety for another minute. Order your Screaming Banshee Safety Horn Today!

  • "The first time I used it, it saved my life."
  • "Stock motorcycle horns are often rather pathetic little tooters... This product could save your life."
  • "The Screaming Banshee System may be the best motorcycle safety invention of the year"
  • "In my 25 years riding bikes this has got to be one of the best if not the best piece of safety equipment I have come across."
    Mick D
    Wicklow, Ireland
  • "This is the best invention
    for motorcycles i have seen in years because it WILL SAVE LIVES..."
    Michael O
    Tampa Bay, Florida
  • "As Gizmag's Loz Blain will tell you from personal experience, one of the biggest dangers faced by motorcyclists involves not being noticed by drivers... "
  • "...I gave a few seconds
    warning blast with the Banshee and he stopped moving into my lane... so situation averted. I love it..."
    Merv J
    Nashville, Tennessee
  • "The Screaming Banshee System should be installed as standard equipment on all bikes."
    Vince C
    Sydney, Australia
  • "I think your product idea
    is very good, and agree that it may save lives."
  • "...I can say with certainty
    that I will never have a motorbike without one again. It is a must for any rider that wants to be heard and seen."
    Hilton B
    Brooksville, Florida
  • "...Screaming Banshee horn system is brilliant. The combination of having the ability to give a friendly beep or all the guns is exactly what we need."
    Mario D
    Prescott, Arizona
  • "Please get the word out
    to other motorcyclists and folks like me who have silly stock horns in their autos."
    Douglas Jakel
  • "I will continue to
    recommend not only the product but the follow up service provided by Screaming Banshee to fellow bikers."
    Greg M
    Sydney, Australia
  • "I ride a Yahama Vstar 1300 and can't tell you how many times I wished the horn was louder... It's a great product to keep us riders safe!"
  • "I would recommend the product for all types of vehicles, and I have been pleased with the customer service process."
    Derek N
    Sydney, Australia

All claims and safety references are solely based on customer surveys and feedback