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Winning story from “Saved My Ass” Survey

“While riding to meet up with other Harley buddies, I noticed a young girl moving from side to side in her lane. When I got closer I noticed she was texting someone and did not realize she was starting to move into my lane (we were traveling at 80 MPH). I first applied my stock horn with NO luck as she was also listening to very loud music....it wasn’t until she heard my BANSHEE that she pull her car back in her lane by missing my Bike by inches......Thank you Screaming Banshee for saving my life!”


Quotes from Happy Customers

“A quick blast on the Screaming Banshee horn with its accompanying headlight flashing has served to wake up many an inattentive driver.”

“A blast for a few seconds, got the driver’s attention right away, the pulsing headlight showed the driver of the car where the "blast" was coming from and stopped him before cutting in front of me.”

“…when I realized he didn't see me I lit him up with the Banshee, he sure did hear me, his car lurched to the left back to the center lane. He didn't know what was about to run him over but he knew he hadn't looked.”

“I was on I-95 when a 18 wheeler was about to cross over into my lane. When I blew my SBS horn he BACKED OFF !!! 18 wheeler he was able to see and hear me."

“A car driver was talking on cell drifting out of her lane. With the Screaming Banshee they think a truck is behind them. They snap out of it and rejoin their proper lane. Thank you”

“My Screaming Banshee sends 2 lane changers back to their proper lane”

“I-81 near Scranton ,PA passing several vehicles in the left lane and an inattentive driver decided to get into the left lane immediately in front of my motorcycle until I laid on the Banshee. The thought immediately disappeared from that driver's intentions.”

“My Screamer saves me from vehicles doing a sudden lane change into my lane”

“I put it on my Harley and it has saved me a number of times from people who do not shoulder check”

“It made a driver stop dead in his tracks, look to his right and avoid me. Thank you”

“Car's trying to pull into my lane, or pulling out in front, get a fright when I blow my Banshee.  When I ride past they look to see if it was a truck, LOVE IT.”

“A driver with window’s on vehicles closed due to summer heat - horn and flashing light pulsing gained his attention – did not force me into the side railing.”

“Every time it’s blasted people notice and that’s great!”

“Banshee allows me to briefly turn heads and create the slightest pause among the combatants”

“Too many times to count - I use it regularly to gain clueless drivers attention.”

“Evening rush hour traffic is always terrible, a woman on a cell phone decided she wanted my spot on the road.  I sounded the banshee, thought she was going all the way over to the other side of the highway.”

“I used the banshee on a four lane road when a car started to drift left into my space.  It immediately got their attention!”

“I was nearly cut off by a motorist then once I hit the Screaming Banshee horn the driver quickly maneuvered back into his lane!”

“Can't count the times my Banshee has "woke up" a cager!  The combination of pulsing lights and horn gets their attention and saves me from evasive actions, or worse.”

“…an elderly couple in a small Mazda shot across the road in front of me to get on the other side of the road. I gave them a blast with my 'Screaming Banshee.'  I am certain without my 'Screaming Banshee', I would not be here today.”

“Saved me from 3 accidents already, 2 pulled out in front of me, another almost had a head on!”

“I laid on my Screaming Banshee, the lady driving the car was so shocked she immediately moved her car back into the right lane.  I probably would have lost control in the gravel and taken a pretty bad spill. Screaming Banshee saved me from what could have been a pretty nasty situation.”

“On numerous occasions, vehicles have attempted to merge into my lane, both on the highway and local roads. The Screaming Banshee pursued them not to enter my lane”

“This is the best invention for motorcycles I have seen in years because it WILL SAVE LIVES...”

“The Screaming Banshee System should be installed as standard equipment on all bikes.”

“The Screaming Banshee horn system is brilliant. The combination of having the ability to give a friendly beep or all the guns is exactly what we need.”

“...I can say with certainty that I will never have a motorbike without one again. It is a must for any rider that wants to be heard and seen.”

“I will continue to recommend not only the product but the follow up service provided by Screaming Banshee to fellow bikers.”

“(The Screaming Banshee) is a great product to keep us riders safe!”

“I would recommend the product for all types of vehicles, and I have been pleased with the customer service process.”

“In my 25 years riding bikes this has got to be one of the best if not the best piece of safety equipment I have come across.”

“I love it. Small, simple, and a lot more effective than a tiny beep of most motorcycle horns. This system should be installed on ALL motorcycles!”

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