Anyone who has ridden any type of motorcycle on the streets for an extended period of time knows how "unobservant" other drivers can be. When you're enjoying the freedom that riding a bike presents and someone tries to merge their 3,000 pound cage into your lane, it's enough to make you think.When I started working for Screaming Banshee, I instantly knew that this was a product that could give bikers an extra edge on the road. I installed the Screaming Banshee Shockwave onto my Harley Davidson 72 shortly after my arrival at the office. A few days after my installation, someone tried to make a left turn right into me! I sounded off my Screaming Banshee and the idiot stopped dead in his tracks. I was able to swerve around the car and avoid a serious accident, but my left leg was about two inches from the grill of the car! About two weeks after this, I was riding to meet up with a few friends for lunch and a white Lexus thought it would be a good idea the test the Pauli exclusion principle. (Can two objects occupy the same space at the same time?) As the Lexus started to merge into my lane, I sounded off the Shockwave and reminded the lady in the Lexus that no, two objects can't occupy the same space at the same time. All physics jokes aside, she got back into her lane. The best thing about the Shockwave in these situations is that the people in cars who hear it, instantly think that you're a semi-truck! Having a Shockwave on your motorcycle is the only way to ride. It's helped me avoid accidents and reminded the drivers around me that motorcycles are everywhere. Ride safe guys! -Gage