“My Screaming Banshee horn has saved my life so many times in the past four [4] years that I can not tell you about every incident. The typical scenario is a car or truck driver starting to pull out in front of me or making a left-hand turn across my path. Each time, I touch my horn for a few moments and it absolutely gets their attention both visually and auditorily. It frightens people who are standing around me when I demonstrate my Screaming Banshee to a friend as I am telling them about it saving my life. Drivers today will be listening to their loud music while their windows are closed or talking on their cell phone not paying attention to their drifting over onto me in the next lane. Without my Screaming Banshee, I’d be road kill, literally!! Thank you guys, for making such a great product. You made it so well that I have disappointed you in not buying it again for the past four [4] years. Unlike other manufacturers, you made this product to save lives and to last a very long time." - Dr. Noah H. Kersey Owner, 2012 Harley-Davidson Fatboy lo This is why we do what we do. We are here to help fellow bikers enjoy the freedom of the road with an extra edge. Keep the ride alive guys!