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Banshee’s New Strobe Light – Be heard and seen

Hi guys,

We often hear from customers that their Screaming Banshee System is a great warning device and as much as we love this feedback, it challenges us to come up with improvements to make it even better.

So we decided to improve the visual effect of pulsing the high beam headlight when deploying the Banshee and as a result have now released the ultimate visual warning light to complement our loud horn system.

Take a look at this new LED/Strobe lamp – it’s compact, intensely bright, and easy to install

Watch the video here 

Here’s our first LED Strobe testimonial:

Less than two weeks after installing my Split Screamer Horn System with the new LED/Strobe Light, I was riding with a friend on US Hwy 1 when a car started to do a “rolling stop” at an intersection. I hit my banshee and could see the LED/strobe reflecting off his car. He quickly put it in reverse and backed out of our way – I was braking but would have hit him if it wasn’t for the audio and visual blast from the banshee. Glad he saw us, so were my wife and two teenage boys, because I came home that night instead of going to the hospital or worse…  Thank you Screaming Banshee

R.S. – Florida


Peter Olt





T Shirts, Wolo, and what’s around the corner……..

Hi guys,

Well again it’s been an eternity since we wrote anything on our blog, but it’s only because we are running around like headless chickens, manufacturing, getting orders out, etc.

We have a couple of newsworthy things to say, firstly thanks for all the cool emails and stories of what you guys are doing with your banshee systems – we always get a kick out of reading them! Here’s one we liked a lot because he has been doing battle in the Mexico City traffic, and if anyone’s driven down there you know what that means;

I’ve been using your horn on my V Strom in Mexico for a year now through 100+ degrees and frog-strangling rain, with no problems. It’s probably saved me from a few collisions in that time………… stock horn sounds like a goat with a bad throat and is frankly dangerous – Steve Sparrow

Love your Screamer?

We sent out an email this week but I thought I would throw this in the blog too, just in case you have a friend who may want a system. If you refer a friend we will shoot you a T shirt in your size as a thank you! Give them this code HornOnSteroids to use during checkout, then have them go to our website and they’ll get 10% off and you’ll receive a free “I’m A Screamer” T-shirt. Make sure your friend enters your email address in the “Where did you hear about us” field during checkout so we know where to send your T-Shirt.

Blog Picture 1Blog Picture 2


We’ve done a deal with Wolo and are happy to say that we will now be shifting over to supplying our Screaming Banshee warning system exclusively with Wolo black & chrome horns.  They’re tough, well built, look awesome and obnoxiously loud.

New Product in R&D

After having sold over 2000 systems, we know that the market wants a more compact model that is super easy to install and even louder. Next year we will be releasing a new product that delivers all this. With the new model (shown below) we can produce the product at a price that makes national distribution economically viable and so we can get our products in stores instead of just selling through our website. We can’t say too much yet for patent reasons, but here some bullet points;

* 25% more volume than our current system – will be the loudest compact horn system on the market.
* Integral design with a very small envelope that installs in 10 minutes or less, with no special tools or knowledge required – super easy to fit to motorcycles, cars, and recreational vehicles.
* Delivers dual volume warnings in one device. Also flashes the high beam lights for extra visibility.
* No relays or external wiring harness required, and no load on stock wiring, compatible with Can-Bus equipped vehicles.
* Suits motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, and also virtually every other recreational and marine vehicle.
* Water proof marine model will also be available 3rd Quarter of 2014.

Blog Picture 3A

When the time comes to release the new model we will have a very cool upgrade offer for all existing customers – you guys got us to this point, we will never forget that.

Hopefully that was newsworthy enough!

Cheers from the screaming crew at Banshee,



Screaming Banshee 18 Months Later

Hi guys,

18 months ago we came out with a system that we felt would increase safety and even hopefully save lives for motorcyclists – were we right? Well we just did a customer survey in July and over 70% of owners said the system helped them avoid at least 1 accident, dozens more said it saved their life, so we were very amped to get that response. We posted the best ones to our Testimonial page:


We also had a “Save my Ass” competition where we had customers send in their Screaming Banshee stories – the best one is below, what do you think?


“While riding to meet up with other Harley buddies, I noticed a young girl moving from side to side in her lane. When I got closer I noticed she was texting someone and did not realize she was starting to move into my lane (we were traveling at 80 MPH). I first applied my stock horn with NO luck as she was also listening to very loud music….it wasn’t until she heard my BANSHEE that she pull her car back in her lane by missing my Bike by inches……Thank you Screaming Banshee for saving my life!”


Obviously this is a business, but it is very gratifying that in actual practice the product works as we hoped for – helping to make motorcycling safer. It’s not a “silver bullet” but it is now proven to be an effective tool at preventing certain accidents. Obviously nothing replaces common sense and as an old biker told me when I was a kid “Ride like everyone’s out to get you!”. Living in Florida we sure get out fair share of texters, dreamers, and the rest………… but being able to get noticed helps level the playing field. Also its kind of fun giving a sleeping driver a “rude awakening” – maybe that’s just my cynical side coming out.


We made a new video to demonstrate all of this to new people, let me know if you think it communicates the message well, top left of our Home Page:


Sneak preview: we are working on a new integral system that will be sold as OEM equipment by a major Motorcycle manufacturer. We are currently in negotiations but as soon as a deal is confirmed we will announce it on our website.


Warm Regards,

Peter Olt

P.S. I saw this recently on a T Shirt and liked it………”Don’t call them bikers till you see how they ride”

New Alternative Configuration for European Market

In response to strong interest from European countries with specialized legal requirements, we have now developed an alternative configuration especially for the European market. When the 139 decibel horn cuts in, this new feature allows the indicators to flash instead of the headlights. This makes our system legal in areas where flashing the headlight is not legally permitted.

Send Us Your Pictures

Many of you guys have been sending us pictures of your installations. The images are very impressive and we would love to see more, so we’ve decided to start a contest. Send us pictures of your Banshee Horn installed on your vehicle as well as some descriptive captions and we will choose the best and post them on our installation guide. First prize will be 1 full Banshee Horn system for you to use on another vehicle or give to a friend. By sending us your images, you agree to let Screaming Banshee use your images on our website and installation guide. Now is your chance to show off how clean of an installation you can come up with.

To submit your images, post them on our facebook page with the comment “I WANT TO WIN!”