About Screaming Banshee<span class="tmsmall">™</small>

Humble Beginnings

Like most new things necessity was the “Mother of Invention”. The inventor (Peter Olt) had one of those “near death” experiences on his motorcycle which is what inspired him to come up with a better way of alerting other drivers. He then launched the concept on KickStarter.com and ran a very successful project in December / January. Over 450 air horn systems were purchased and Screaming Banshee™ was born. We were very fortunate with the rapid speed and sheer amount of online support we received. As we got rolling, we were supported from Reddit, Facebook, as well as Linkedin and many other other social media platforms.  Countless bloggers jumped in and wrote wonderful articles on the product - and we just want to say a huge THANKS!! to all of you who have supported us in all the ways that you have.

The People

Peter “Chief Screamer”
Image of Peter Olt Chief Screamer
Peter is a Kiwi (New Zealander), now living in Florida with his wife and young son. He is an inventor with a background in  Electrical Engineering and product development. He especially loves to create edgy products that make life easier, safer, or just more fun. Screaming Banshee™ products qualify in all of those respects. His love for performance cars, boats and off road vehicles gives him plenty of scope to feed his passion. He has also over 40 years of experience riding motorcycles in various countries around the world - which has included plenty of close calls with other vehicles!
Liam "Staff In Training"
Image of Liam Olt Staff In Training
Our youngest staff member in training diligently testing the durability of our product.


Where we are

We are based in the beautiful Tampa Bay area in Florida.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to surpass the industry norm of just providing products. We provide innovative and rugged vehicle accessories with all the associated parts and installation information. This ensures that our clients have an easy and enjoyable experience with us overall. We embrace social media and strive to anticipate our client’s requirements by staying connected with them.

Give us a Shout!

We love to get your feedback, it allows us to keep our finger on the pulse and we are constantly thankful for the comments and even ideas for new products that we receive.

Contact us here:

Phone: (727) 744-6808