Updated the Shipping Costs

We’ve updated the shipping costs for both domestic and international. If you had problems with your shipping rates in the past, please check out our latest shipping costs. Rates have changed significantly! We have also limited the maximum quantity available for order to 8. If you require more than 8, simply place multiple orders or contact us directly

Welcome to the New Screaming Banshee Website

Welcome to the new Screaming Banshee™ horn website. We just finished a very successful launch of this product on KickStarter.com, where we sold 430 systems in just over a month! The Banshee™ horn website is now launched and to celebrate we are extending the discounted pricing we offered on KickStarter – $69 for a full system! This is just for February; the price has to go to $89 on 1st March. Because of the high demand, delivery will be in mid March.